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What is Treefort?

Treefort’s identity verification (IDV) technology combines advanced technology with aggregated information drawn from a large network of trusted reliable source providers to verify your client’s identity and meet your professional KYC requirements as well as prevent identity fraud.

Why Treefort?  

In today’s world of advanced technology criminals can generate fake ID that is visually impossible to determine if its real or not. Treefort not only analyses government issued ID for fakes, but it goes beyond ID by checking other sources to verify identity such as confirming that the individual has a credit file with a credit bureau.

Some key features of Treefort include:

  • Verify identity (not just the issued IDs)
  • Advanced multi-factor authentication
  • Enhanced fraud mitigation
  • Extensive and easy-to-read reports
  • Easy to toggle features for your IDV needs
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Complementary bilingual support

Some benefits of using the Treefortintegration in LCS include:

  • Ability to send text or email links directly to your clients right from LCS
  • Get email notified automatically when the reports are completed by your clients
  • Your Treefort reports automatically save for you right in in LCS
  • Save keystrokes by having identification particulars import automatically in your file
  • Zero set up required to start using Treefort
  • Expert guidance from the Treefort and LCS teams


Treefort's Digital IDV Process:

Treefort's flagship offering is a fully digital ID verification process that marries efficiency with high-level security. It leverages cutting-edge technology to verify individuals' identities by cross-referencing their details with a network of secure and trusted data sources, which includes government-issued IDs. This approach ensures compliance with stringent regulatory requirements, including those related to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Law Society of Ontario guidelines.

Industry-Leading Fraud Prevention:

One of the standout features of Treefort's suite of services is its industry-leading fraud prevention technology. This solution has been crafted to empower law firms to fortify their existing fraud prevention strategies through an intuitive risk analysis report. By proactively identifying potential risks, Treefort equips law firms to enhance their KYC (Know Your Client) protocols and onboarding procedures, ensuring that law firms remain at the forefront of safeguarding their own business interests.

Maintain Control and Security:

In an era where online interactions are the norm, maintaining control and ensuring security are paramount. Treefort provides a report and a comprehensive audit trail, enabling meticulous record-keeping for all clients, thereby fostering transparency and accountability. Our integration allows you to keep all aspects of conveyancing under one platform so that you can maintain an ease-of-use and organization within your practice.


LCS and Treefort have forged a solid partnership and an fully integrated solution is now available. With Treefort's cutting-edge ID verification, LCS customers can navigate the complexities of the new IDV legislation with absolute confidence and with no registration required. If you are a lawyer or law clerk and are curious about our product or this integration, we encourage you click here to book a demo and learn why our platform is right for you!

If you are already an LCS user, you may find our integration tutorial video in the app. When in doubt, ask your customer success representative and they will be happy to help.

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Taylor Smith

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