Lawyer Conveyance System

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Offering Ontario Lawyers a
Fast and Easy-to-use
Conveyancing Software Solution
at Affordable Pricing

Proudly offering integrations with our partners at

Order high quality owner and lender title insurance policies from Stewart Title Insurance Canada

Order high quality owner and lender title insurance policies from Chicago Title Insurance Canada

Search for parcel registers, adjacent PINs, maps and writs. Generate XML files for quick instrument registration

Process mortgages electronically with major banks and lenders. Order owner and lender policies from First Canadian Title Insurance.


Runs on All Operating Systems

Use your MacBook at home or your PC in the office.

Runs on all Major Browsers

Use the browser that you are most comfortable with.

Manage your Documents with Word

Download, Upload, Edit, Send and Save your documents in Microsoft Word.

All Documents Available as PDF

Optionally generate any document in PDF to send to a recipient. Government and Builder documents available.

Automatic Calculations

LCS will generate your Statement of Adjustments, Statement of Account, Trust Ledger and more automatically for you. Plus more!

Add your Precedents as Templates

Keep your firm's documents when you transition to LCS.

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